Do Mermaids Dream?

mermaid naptime

“Mermaid Nap Time” 11X14″ oil on canvas

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The short answer to the question ‘do mermaids dream?’ is yes. It’s much more complicated than that though.

Humans dream as we know, and when we dream usually it is simply the subconscious mind sorting through the events and feelings of the day and showing it all back to us in symbols only it can understand.

Occasionally, we humans will have lucid dreams, extremely vivid and colorful dreams and even dreams that involve astral projection and clairvoyance.

Fairies have many premonitions in their dreams.

Mermaids are water spirits, and water is the element that rules over dreams. Mermaid dreams are unlike the dreams of any other creature, fantasy or non-fantasy.

A mermaid doesn’t sleep to rest, as most other creatures do. Mermaids don’t need rest, they could go on swimming and doing what they do forever and never need a break, the ocean powers them continuously. Mermaids intentionally go to sleep just to dream.

When mermaids lay down, they touch their brow, right where the “third eye” would be. That’s like a button that instantly transports them to dreaming. It’s instantaneous.

If they don’t need rest, and they don’t necessarily need to dream, then why do they do this? If you could dream like a mermaid, you would look forward to sleeping all day long. Mermaid dreams are spectacular, and incredibly useful.

Mermaid dreams are not filled with ambiguous symbols, weird scenarios or bizarre imagery. Instead, a mermaid dream is whatever they want it to be. A mermaid can visit other realms, speak with divine beings that no one else can see or hear, tap into the akashic recordsΒ and access any and all information just as easily as you could look something up online. If he or she wanted to talk to a deceased relative, he or she could do that.

Humans have the potential to do this as well. They can do any of these things. Our mind is infinitely powerful. However, mermaids know exactly how to do this and they do it at will.

Mermaids don’t treat sleeping and dreaming the way that we do. They kind of treat it the way that we treat our smart phones. If a teenage mermaid is hanging out with her friends and they’re talking about a guy that she likes, wondering if he likes her too, her friend will lay down, touch her brow and ask who that particular merdude likes. She’ll get a quick, clear and definite answer. Then she’ll wake up and tell her friend. The whole process took 20 seconds.

Mermaids will dream to observe and learn. They’ll go to sleep and ask to be taken to the nearest planet with life on it. She’ll then be kind of like a ghost on that planet, able to observe what the other beings are doing.

Mermaids will dream for pure pleasure. They’ll go to sleep and ask to be a human riding on a roller coaster at six flags.

With these kind of dreams, why is it that mermaids only choose to dream on average about 10% of their lives? It’s because they aren’t able to effect anything in their dreams. It’s pure consciousness. They may gain wisdom and learn how to do something, but they aren’t actually doing. They can’t move things in their dreams, they’re more like ghosts, just watching, just experiencing.

Actually, quite often, humans who have experiences of feeling like they are being watched or feeling like a place is haunted are actually experiencing the presence of a mermaid observing them. Or it could be fairies or shadow fairies. It’s almost never an actual human spirit.

Ask a mermaid to help you have powerful, enjoyable or useful dreams, and you’re sure to have an experience you won’t forget!

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