Fairy Moonlight Magic

winter moon fairy

“Winter Moon Fairy” 11X14″ oil on canvas

Check her out on ebay!

There’s nothing quite as magical as a fairy. Most of us don’t experience fairy magic though. The closest we can come here on earth, is moon magic.

The moon is feminine. It’s magic is filled with alluring mystery and beauty. The moon cycles very quickly through the astrological signs. This morning the moon is in Pisces, this afternoon it will be in Aries.

Strangely enough, for the past few nights my dreams have been extraordinarily vivid. The moon in Pisces would be a great time to ask for prophetic dreams. It’s also a great time to enhance your imagination and deepen your spiritual connection.

Then, as in this afternoon, when the moon enters Aries, there is a huge rush of dynamic, daring energy. Unlike the calm, dreamy energy of Pisces, the Aries moon brings with it courage, bravado and extreme optimism and confidence.

This Aries moon as to have enough courage to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Ask for the energy to push you through a task. Ask for a lust for life, enthusiasm and confidence.

I was born while the moon was in Aries. I’m a Pisces, but with the moon in Aries I have the gift of a natural fire under my bum. I am the Pisces dreamer, I have many of them. However, fortunately the Aries moon gives me a burning desire and a natural tendency to put dreams into immediate action.

I like the idea of knowing the moon phases and working with that energy. Knowing that the moon is in Aries until June 12, you could use this afternoon and tomorrow to do some Aries type activity. Go on a wild adventure, get together with friends or assert yourself where you’ve been afraid to before.

I hope the Aries moon brings you courage, confidence, enthusiasm, vitality, love of life and much adventure. Use the magic well!


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