The Golden Pause

mermaid reflecting

11X14″ oil on canvas

Go check her out on ebay!

Mermaids are the queens of the ocean. The ocean is the symbol of moods. Therefore, mermaids are the symbols of our emotions and moods.

Yesterday I was reading a book by Richard Carlson about making little changes in your life called “Easier Than You Think”. It was all about the tiny things you can do that will really improve your life.

One of the things that the book talked about was called a “golden pause”. Basically, the suggestion was to take a time out every once in a while throughout your day, no matter what else is going on, to just breathe and feel the beauty of life moving through you.

When I read this, it resonated with me so much, that I decided to implement it right away.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I simply set a  timer on my phone for every two hours, and when it went off, no matter what I was doing, I just took a minute or two to breathe deeply, feel the miracle of life and feel deeply grateful for everything (good and bad).

I was in an amazing mood all day. The “golden pause” was like a reset button for me. It kind of got me on a new track if I was thinking negatively and prevented me from sliding into a bad mood.

Your moods color all that you see. If you’re in a good mood, the world looks beautiful. If you’re in a bad mood, the world seems awful. In my opinion, you shouldn’t allow your mood to dictate the way you see the world.

Our moods are created by our thoughts, and our thoughts are created by us. Thoughts are one of the few things that we have full control over. If bad thoughts = bad mood and bad experience of the world, and good thoughts = good mood and good experience of the world and you are in complete control of the thoughts you have, why would you ever choose a bad thought?

My theory is that you simply allow the thoughts you’re having to be in control. We all do this. It can be tricky NOT to do this. However, I think that the golden pause is a wonderful tool that will really help you gain more control over your thoughts.

SO, my friends, I challenge you to set an alarm for every two hours and when those alarms go off, take one minute to breathe and feel the magic of life and be grateful. I would bet that it will send you in a new direction.

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