Dreaming of Rainbow Chicks and Other Weirdness

naked me.2

I’ve been getting up really, REALLY early in the morning. My fiance leaves for work at 4:15 am. I get up to make his lunch at 3:40 am. Why? Because I love him much and want him to be healthy and happy. But that’s not the point of this story.

Perhaps because my sleep patterns have been different, or because that time that I would ordinarily spend sleeping, I’ve been meditating and praying instead, but everything about my inner world is transforming. It’s definitely for the better.

And my dreams… And my DREAMS… So lovely and magical lately, like going to a different planet and exploring everything new. I am adoring this process.

It’s changed my paintings too. Suddenly, I’m not afraid or inhibited in any way. I just do what I know I need to do. It’s wonderful, and new and surprising, even though I’ve been intentionally “changing my mind”.


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