Stuff I’m PSYCHED For!

I have SOOOOO much going on right now that I am just incredibly excited for.

First, I am offering custom sketches for any of y’all wonderful peeps. They look something like this: 

If you’re interested in having your sketch done (and a video made of it on YouTube), please email me:

The second thing that’s fairly new (although I used to do it years ago and then got away from it) is live painting! I’m going to be doing several live painting events in Rhode island and a couple out of state. One event is actually quite far. I get to stay overnight! In a hotel/motel! I have four children so I don’t get out much. If you’re interested in having me come to paint live at your event, I’d be thrilled to do so. Once again, you can email me:

I have several shows coming up. If you’re in Rhode Island, I’d love to see you! You can come down and we can hang out at an art show and talk about art. It’s kinda fancy.

The first show coming up is called “Surface Tension”, and that’s at the URI Main Gallery, October 11 – November 18.

The second will be “The Winter Little Picture Show” at the Spring Bull Gallery in Newport from December 3 to the 31st. 

I also have a group show coming up in a museum in my hometown of Warwick, Rhode Island. I’m excited already, even though I’m not exactly sure if the dates yet. It will be me and several of my artist friends. I’ll let you know more as i know more.

Those are the things in super psyched about in my world! I hope y’all have lots of exciting things going on in your lives tooooooo!

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