In Honor of Mercury Retrograde 

I used you HATE Mercury retrograde with a burning passion. Every couple months when it reared its ugly head, I’d basically stop living and blame everything that went wrong on the planet’s apparent backward movement in the sky.

I believe in things that I can’t see. I believe that this world is energy and we are effected by the energy of the people and things and even sounds and light around us. A far away planet probably does effect the good people of earth. Its backyard movement very likely is felt here on earth in some tiny way.

Much more than the movement of small, far away celestial bodies, our thoughts and beliefs about things have a tremendous effect on our lives. This occurred to me as I noticed how anxious I was about Mercury retrograde approaching.

I decided to turn things around. I simply declared, silently and out loud to friends who knew a bit about astrology, that I actually liked Mercury retrograde

I continued to do this until it felt true. I even said things like, “It may seem strange, but I swear that everything that happens during Mercury retrograde just really works out perfectly”. And now it’s true. There things that happen during the retrograde period really do just seem to work out better than I could ever plan.

First, in order to make Mercury retrograde a great time instead of a dreaded time, declare that it is so. Tell yourself and anyone who gets it, that Mercury retrograde is actually one of your favorite things. Tell them that your psychic senses are tripled and your dreams give you extremely helpful insights during this time. Because those things are true.

Tomorrow I’ll be giving a list of ways to make Mercury retrograde a great time period.

Have an amazing day! Much love to you!

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