9 Ways to Make Mercury Retrograde An Amazing Time 

9 Ways to Make Mercury Retrograde An Amazing Time
To honor the time period known as Mercury retrograde, please enjoy one of my older paintings of a mermaid suspended and relaxing. That’s kind of the energy that we’re going for here.
In these final days of Mercury retrograde, I’d like to mention a few ways you can really transform this time into something awesome!
1. When this time comes around, one of the things that I really like to focus on my subconscious. The energy is inward, and there’s nothing more “inward” than the subconscious mind. This is an excellent time for any and all meditation, intentional subconscious programming such as affirmations and hypnosis, and gaining insights from dreams and hunches. Set aside time to meditate, look up hypnosis or affirmation youtube videos and listen to those for fifteen minutes a day. Keep a journal for dreams and any psychic impressions that you hit upon throughout the day.
2. Solve an old issue or problem with objects, situations and people. If something hasn’t been working optimally, Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to figure out the why behind it and fix it up properly.
3. Breathe easy. This isn’t really a time for making deals, agreements or new plans. That’s fine, because it gives you a chance to be present and just live. You can relax into your routine without worrying about the outcome so much. Take this time as a practice in presence.
4. Look over some plans and ideas that you have thought of in the past (hopefully you’ve written them down). Mercury retrograde is the time to go over plans and ideas you’ve made in the past and really round them out. You’re more likely to find holes and mistakes at this time.
5. Evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Instead of making new decisions, this is an excellent time to look at what you’ve been doing and decide how effective it is.
6. Finish old wip (works in progress). There is no better time to finish up a creation that you’ve been meaning to get to.
7. Contact old friends. YES! That friend you haven’t talked to in years has been thinking of you lately too.
8. Find lost stuff. I always find things I thought were gone forever during the Mercury Retrograde period. It’s wonderful.
9. Embrace it fully. Know that this is a time that things get worked over and fixed up. If life was like a book being written by you, Mercury retrograde would be like the editor coming in and taking things apart a little bit, enhancing and correcting. Love it!
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