My Art-venture 9/24/16

It always starts with a sketch…

Then some color is added. I ADORE fairy wings. They’re so much fun to paint. It’s interesting to me though because I don’t think that they’re ever to scale. Meaning, to lift a human being sized creature into the air, the wings would have to be so much bigger. I should figure that out and start doing fairy wings that would actually work. OR – maybe fairies are hollow.

Sometimes I stand back from my little work station just to admire the “mess”. There’s something pretty about it.

More wings!

And a crown of fairy stars. One of the things I love most about fairies is their magical, glowing, shimmering quality. I try to capture it, although I think to see them actually move would be so amazing. 

I LOVE the way an artist’s palette looks after they’ve been working. It’s like the thought process of color mixing choices were recorded.

And here she is so far…

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