Art-venture 10/18/16

I finished a fairy commission. It’s hard for me to call any if my paintings “finished” ever really. But I feel that there comes a point where it’s okay to stop working. I don’t know how I determine this, but a little nudge says, “Time to move on to the next.”

I used to enjoy it must when the painting was complete. There’s such a deep satisfaction when you can stand back and look at something you’ve created.

Now though! I truly enjoy the whole process. It’s amazing to me that I have these tubes of pigment and oil, these sticks with hair at the end, two photographs and a piece of hard board, and from that, a fairy is created.

It kind of blows my mind a bit.

My favorite part of the painting was actually an accident that I covered up. For the LIFE OF ME, I couldn’t get the beautiful baby’s little hand to look anything but this ghostly blue and It just looked huge and misshapen. I kept working it and working it (I thought I was past this hand thing!) and I just felt like I was spending WAY too much time.

So I covered it with a little flower. I liked the way it looked so I added more. Then I finished it up with a moth and it’s my favorite part of the painting.

I’m pretty sure that my unconditional love and appreciation for painting and art comes second only to my love for my family. Moving paint around and solving problems in this painting was as much peaceful, calm, blissful fun as I’ve ever had. Each painting surprises me with its lessons.

What did I learn? I learned to embrace mistakes and not to leave those mistakes or anything that’s just “good enough”in the painting. I learned to make it the way I want it requires just a bit more effort, but it’s infinitely better than letting it be less than I expect from myself.

I also painted in oil on paper. Which sucks and I won’t be doing it again. Had to experiment though.

And I’m studying fairy wings, which is always fun. But I think my next studies will be hands. Yup, hands again. Until they’re the way I want them.
Rhiannon is a fantasy artist, painting mermaids and fairies. She specializes in using photographs to create custom mermaid and fairy paintings of women from all over the world. Find out how you can be transformed into a beautiful mermaid or fairy here.Email: Rhiannon@gigglegoddessart.comTo get updates, exclusive offers and to be the first to have access to new art , sign up for my newsletter.
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