Openness and Creativity

Hey all! I hope you’re well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity lately and I have a thought.

I think that the most creativity comes from knowing that there are no absolute truths. 

I went to a hypnotist a couple years ago and he told me that I was addicted to openness. I think he might be right. I am an open book about my life, it takes a LOT to offend or embarrass me. I’m open about other people’s opinions and ideas. And I’m completely open about the ideas that come to me. By that I mean that I don’t dismiss the thoughts that come to me, even if they are completely off the wall. Actually, the more off the wall, the more likely that there’s gold in there.

This is because I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the brain and the way it would since I was very little and I’ve been studying and learning about it since I was old enough to buy my own books.

One of the things I’ve learned is that the subconscious mind is an incredible tool. It is so much more powerful than our conscious mind. This means that what bubbles up from my subconscious mind is actually amazingly helpful in my life and I’d be wise not to dismiss it.

There are no answers that are 100% right, and therefore there are never answers or ideas that are 100% wrong. This gives us wiggle room to put things together in new ways and play with things that don’t make sense right away. And this is how all new things are created.
Rhiannon is a fantasy artist, painting mermaids and fairies. She specializes in using photographs to create custom mermaid and fairy paintings of women from all over the world. Find out how you can be transformed into a beautiful mermaid or fairy here.Email: Rhiannon@gigglegoddessart.comTo get updates, exclusive offers and to be the first to have access to new art , sign up for my newsletter.
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