Fall in love with yourself

Take selfies. Selfies are healthy ways of expressing yourself to the world. People have been taking selfies since the camera was invented.

Be self-centered. I don’t mean think only of yourself. I mean that your world and your life is yours. YOU are at the center. You are designing your life with your decisions. I also mean that you can’t control anyone else, EVER. You only control who you are; how you decide to be. Be centered in yourself.

Fall in love with yourself. You can go through your entire life hating yourself and feeling ashamed of who you are. But if you do this you can’t contribute your best self to the world and the world NEEDS you to be your best self.

Celebrate YOU, appreciate YOU, encourage YOU and shrine YOU.

Here’s my shameless celebration of myself. If you celebrate yourself, I want to hear about it. I want to see it. Comment below with links to your shameless self celebration.

I love music. It moves me and makes me feel present and fully alive. I celebrate myself through dance.

I love getting into my work. I appreciate my brain’s ability to memorize painting movements so well that I don’t need to think about it anymore.

I appreciate my work ethic and my determination. It’s brought me so far.

I love my playful, free spirit.

I love my willingness to experiment.

I like the way I see the world. I love people and I love this planet and I am so thankful that I’m aware of the inherent goodness of each person.

I love that I can dedicate myself fully to a task.

I just love who I am. I love how I’ve grown and evolved. I love that I love myself now, after so much struggle with self doubt and self-loathing.

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