Art-venture 10/29-11/2

Hey all! For the past few days I’ve been completing at least one painting every day. Today I completed two. And I cleaned the entire house. I also went to the gym and did cardio and legs. 

Holy shit, most productive day ever.

The rainbow fairy below was done on 10/29/16. I just wanted to play with colors and movement.

I haven’t painted a mermaid in quite a while, so I decided on Halloween that I had to paint one. She has a resting bitch face and I wouldn’t want to mess with her. But I like her.

Yesterday (November 2) I completed this crazy dancing fairy. She’s very shiny. Maybe she uses coconut oil as a moisturizer and went a bit overboard. We’ve all done it. She’s also learning to soi the dab and failing. My kids tell me every time I attempt the dab thing (whatever that even means) that I’m doing it wrong. I can relate to this fairy’s frustration.
I had a bit of extra time before my oldest son had an appointment with our personal trainer (sounds fancy, but he’s actually free with our gym membership, and he totally kicks our ass. It’s awesome). I randomly decided that I wanted to do a self portrait. But I can’t just paint myself. I wanted it it be funky colors and big eyes. Here I am as a rainbow freak. I’m keeping this one.

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