Art-venture 11/16/16

Rinsing away unused paint has always bothered me. I hate wasting like that.

I decided to use the leftover paint to create an abstract background. It’s best to paint in layers anyway.

Here’s the background so far. I’ll be using the leftover paint from my next palette to do more.

Here’s a painting in working on. This is crazy and I’m very excited because I really decided to take a chance with this one. I normally would have painted her portrait and left it. But I wanted to explore further and take it as far as I could go.

I really want to take risks and push boundaries with this one. Sooooo… her head has a hole in it. I have big plans for this hole.

I have a little pod of about 20 ladybugs in my studio, and I LOVE them. This one was on my pencils, crawling all over me while I was drawing in my sketchbook. Then when my daughter came home from school she pointed out one on my shoulder. They’re my little helpers and my lucky stars and I adore them.

Rhiannon is a fantasy artist, painting mermaids and fairies and beautiful wedding portraits. She specializes in using photographs to create custom mermaid and fairy paintings of women from all over the world and using wedding photographs to create stunning custom paintings. Find out how you can be transformed into a beautiful mermaid or fairy here. Or find out how you can have your wedding portrait done here. Email: Rhiannon@gigglegoddessart.comTo get updates, exclusive offers and to be the first to have access to new art , sign up for my newsletter.
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