Art-Venture 11/25

Update on a fairy commission I’m working on.

There are ladybugs in my studio. They keep landing on me and my paintings. I LOVE it. To me, that’s some exceptional luck right there.

I challenged my daughter to complete a portrait painting in under five minutes. This is her favorite YouTube dude, Dennis.Β 

While she painted, I got creative with the cover of my sketchbook.

I’m working on a personal project in between commissions (for my own sanity). She’s getting weird. The moth has real human eyes, that look terrified and sad to me. I don’t know why this is, these things just come to me.

I want this to be a crazy picture, with a lot to look at and take in. So, I guess I’m about half way done.

I hope ya’ll had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend!

After Thanksgiving my family usually goes for a walk. My mom lives near the water, so we check out the boats and stuff.

My stepson trying to outrun the camera.

My girlie and I.

A selfie fail of me and the man.

My mom, daughter and son.My mom’s backyard.

My man hanging out on the docks.

My baby boy.

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