New Kinds of Mermaid Scales

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I need a bit of shimmer in my life. 

It’s a more tedious and lengthy process to make shimmery, shining scales rather than the simple ones I’ve always painted it. But I’ve found that things that are worth it usually do take more time and energy. 

Especially with creating a painting, I’ve discovered that there are no shortcuts. If you want a certain outcome, you do what you need to do, and take the time that you need to take to get that specific outcome. 

I want shimmery, glittery, shining scales. I’ll settle for nothing less. And I’ve spent three days painting a mermaid bum. That’s okay; as long as the outcome I have pictured in my mind becomes reality. 

In the beginning, it was rough. But I know from experience that all paintings go through a funky looking phase. 

This is where I left it today. Improving, but it still needs work. 

I’m deciding and intending that the tail on this mermaid capture the viewer’s attention from across the room. I intend that this painting be a level 10. And I’ll keep going until it is. 

Much love!

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