About the Artist

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A fantasy artist… 
who uses your photographs to create custom mermaid paintings and drawings

Rhiannon Smith is the talented and gifted fantasy artist of Giggle Goddess Art, based in the tiny fishing town of Warwick, Rhode Island, in the United States. She specializes in using photographs to create custom oil paintings of all kinds, however she best loves transforming women into gorgeous mermaids!

Rhiannon is a self-taught artist who learned to paint (and is still learning and growing everyday) through books, videos and hours and hours of practice over the span of nearly 20 years. She is now exploring and growing through completion of one mermaid painting each day. Rhiannon intends to create art that helps women fall in love with their magical and mystical feminine selves. What is more feminine and mystical than a mermaid?

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I believe in magic in everyday life. I feel that the job of an artist is to show a viewer a new way of looking at the world. I want people who view my art to see a new, magical world.

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