Order a Custom Mermaid Portrait


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So you want to be a mermaid? Excellent! I have magical powers and I would love to transform you into a fantasy.

I want you to feel safe purchasing from me, and I’m very confident in my ability to create a piece that you’ll absolutely fall in love with. If you’re not 100% crazy in love with your painting, you pay NOTHING! I’ll even pay for the return shipping!

Here’s what you need to know:

I only paint one size, 12X16″.  The price for a custom original oil painting on a 12X16″ (not including the frame) is $160, plus $80 for each additional person. This price includes shipping in the United States. If you live outside of the US, please contact me to find out how much shipping will be.

I can do up to three people in a painting.

Please contact me so we can discuss exactly what you need and what I need to get started.

If you’re ready to order:

If we’ve already discussed the details and I know what you need, and you know what I need from you in order to complete the painting, you can make your deposit of $80 here.

You can make the final payment here when your painting is ready to be shipped.



If you would like your painting framed:

I paint frames in oil to match your paintings. If you’d like a custom painted frame, I can absolutely do that for you. Custom painted frames are $50 and to have one made for you, just click here. 

The Waiting List:

I almost always have a waiting list, so when ordering a portrait as a gift to be given by a certain date, please be aware that I CANNOT ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE THAT YOUR PAINTING WILL BE COMPLETE BY A SPECIFIC DATE. Please plan accordingly. Email me: Rhiannon@gigglegoddessart.com to find out hos long the list is.


I can only work from clear, high resolution, close-up photos. Photos should be at least 300dpi. The quality of your painting is directly related to the quality of the photograph you provide. If you’re unsure of the quality of your photo, please read this blog post.

After you have paid the deposit, you can send me a high resolution (at least 300dpi), clear photo. I find that it’s best to have photos that show some or all of the body so that when I’m painting a tail, I have a reference.

The best photos are outdoor photos at the beach, in the waves or lying on the rocks. It would be worth the time investment to have a friend take photos of you. I can only paint what I see, and the painting will only be clear and crisp and beautiful if I have a good photo to work from.

If you are unsure of which photos would make the best painting, feel free to send 2-3 images. Please don’t send more than 3 images, it’s too much to choose from. Send all photos to: Rhiannon@gigglegoddessart.com.

If you want more than one person in your photo, it is always best if the people who will be in the painting are actually in the same photo. This is a lighting issue. When I combine three different photos of three different people into one painting it can be difficult to make the necessary lighting adjustments, especially if the lighting is dramatically different. Try to find photos, or take new photos, with the people together. I can combine photos that were taken on the same day, at the same time of day and in the same place without any issue.

I can’t paint from professional photos unless you obtain permission from the photographer.

 Customizing your custom painting:

It’s impossible for me to read your mind. The painting will not look exactly like the vision in your mind. It will look like what I imagine the vision in your mind to be.

Before I start we will have a conversation about your painting. I will ask the following basic questions: Would you like to be a fairy or a mermaid? What is your favorite color? Which of the following settings do you like best: beach, underwater, forest, big mushroom land or starry galaxy type background? I will ask you if there’s anything you absolutely don’t want included in the painting, and if there’s anything that you absolutely do want included.

I don’t do revisions, AT ALL. The reason is explained below.

I enjoy sharing my work with the world, when it is done and when it is in progress. As I’m working on your painting I will be sharing the process with you and on my social media channels and tagging you in it whenever possible. If you see something that you would like changed, you can email me with your request. Please don’t post it publicly. Keep in mind that the earlier that you say something about it, the easier it is to make adjustments, so please speak up right away.

If this is a gift:

I can gift wrap your painting and include a card with a personalized message and send it directly to the person you’ve bought it for if you like. Just let me know!


As I’ve mentioned above, my process is VERY public. If you aren’t comfortable with your photo being shared online, this may be uncomfortable for you. Taking photos and posting them on my website and on social media is part of my process. If you don’t want your photo to be shared in this way, then I am not the artist for you.

I will NEVER share any of your personal information aside from your first name with anyone. If you’re uncomfortable with me using your first name, please let me know and we’ll come up with a cool alias.

How long it will take:

I work in oil, and I’m a stickler for beautiful details. In other words, it takes some time to complete a beautiful painting.

We’ll discuss an approximate date that you can expect your painting. If you are in need to a painting for a special event, please contact me at least six months ahead of time.

VERY IMPORTANT: In order to have a custom painting done, you must agree to allow me full rights to the completed image. This means that you while will own the original oil painting, I will maintain the right to do as I please with the image. This includes, but is not limited to: having the image made into prints and other art products, use in promotional materials, blog posts and social media. If you would like to use the image online in any way, I don’t mind at all, as long as you don’t sell it and you give credit to me as the artist.

More stuff for you:

VERY COOL: I upload my paintings onto Society6. This is a site that offers products such as phone cases, beach towels, wall clocks, tote bags etc. So, not only can you get an painting of your photograph, but you can also get really cool personalized products with the painting of your photo on them too!

If after you read above you still have questions, or if you are ready to order please email me: Rhiannon@gigglegoddessart.com